Monaco, this little landlocked gem on the French Riviera, instantly evokes images of glamour, luxury and elegance. This enchanting principality has long been associated with lavish living and prestigious events. For classic car enthusiasts, Monaco offers a unique opportunity: classic car rental. Immerse yourself in the exquisite experience of driving iconic cars that bear witness to a bygone era. Discover how classic car rental in Monaco combines the charm of the past with contemporary luxury, providing an unforgettable experience for those who yearn for a refined journey through time.

Monaco has always been a playground for wealth and fame, and that includes car enthusiasts too. With its world-famous Formula 1 circuit, the winding streets of Monaco have seen some of the most iconic racing cars of all time. This automotive heritage is perpetuated today through the rental of classic cars.









Easily rent a car in Monaco with Classic Drivers

Classic car rental in Monaco offers much more than just a means of transportation. It is an opportunity to travel back in time, to feel the nostalgia and elegance of bygone eras. Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a Porsche 356 from the 1950s, with the wind in your hair, cruising the picturesque streets of the principality. Or perhaps you prefer the opulence of a 1960s Rolls-Royce Corniche, blending into the exclusive atmosphere of Monaco.

Why choose car rental in Monaco?

One of the wonders of classic car rental in Monaco is the eclectic choice available to you. From sporty roadsters to luxury sedans to iconic cars from different decades, each vehicle has a story to tell. Car enthusiasts will find what they’re looking for among a diverse collection, each representing a unique era and style.

A timeless driving experience

Driving one of these classic cars isn’t just a driving experience, it’s a refined experience. Cars of yesteryear were often works of mechanical art, designed with care and careful attention to detail. Classic car rental in Monaco offers drivers the chance to experience the sensation of driving a vintage car, with its analog controls, luxurious materials and timeless charm.

Places to visit in Monaco

  1. The Monte-Carlo Casino : The iconic Monte-Carlo Casino is a symbol of the luxury and glamor of Monaco. You can stop to admire its magnificent architecture and perhaps try your luck at the casino games.
  2. The Rock of Monaco : Head towards the Rock, where you will find the Prince’s Palace. You can park and explore on foot, visiting the palace and enjoying great views of the harbor and the Mediterranean Sea.
  3. The Exotic Garden : Located on the heights of Monaco, the Exotic Garden is home to an impressive collection of succulent plants and also offers breathtaking views of the principality.
  4. Place du Casino : This iconic square is surrounded by luxury hotels and offers a lively atmosphere. It’s a great place to stroll around and enjoy the worldly ambiance of Monaco.
  5. Port Hercule : Drive along the harbor where luxurious yachts are moored. You can stop to take photos or simply soak up the maritime atmosphere.
  6. The Walk of Champions : This promenade along the harbor pays homage to Formula 1 champions and offers a clope-up view of legendary racing cars.
  7. The Oceanographic Museum : Although parking can be a challenge at this location, the Oceanographic Museum is worth a visit if you are passionate about marine life and scientific research.
  8. Le Larvotto : This public beach offers a relaxing place to relax and enjoy the Monegasque sun. Although parking can be difficult to find, it may be worth taking a short walk from a nearby parking parking lot.
  9. The Japanese Garden : Located near the Oceanographic Museum, this peaceful garden is a fine example of Japanese influence in Monesgasque culture.
  10. Scenic Routes : Don’t just stick to touristy places. Monaco’s winding roads offer spectacular panoramic views. Consider exploring the picturesque lanes and venturing off the beaten track.



CLASSIC DRIVERS organizes “discovery days” in vintage convertibles
for a tailor-made event supervised by our team for individuals.

An extraordinary experience for you (and your friends?), who will be behind the wheel of iconic convertibles from the 60s/70s (MG, Triumph, Jaguar, Porsche, Corvette, Mustang…) on a dazzling course on the French Riviera (ascent to Gourdon passing through picturesque villages and descending via the Gorges du Loup). At each stop you will change cars! A picnic is included in the service.

A minimum number of registrations of 10 people is necessary to carry out a service.

Departure and arrival at Nice Côte D’Azur airport. We ask that you be present at 9:30 a.m.
You will have secure and free parking spaces if necessary.

Our “all risks” insurance covers the entire event (people and vehicles).

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