100 horses

Number of Seats

4 places


Manual Gearbox


A jewel of British motoring that shone on the screen in the first James Bond film. Introduced in the early 1960s, this sleek sports car captured hearts with its seductive design and exceptional performance.

The Beginnings of the Sunbeam Alpine :

The Sunbeam Alpine marked a turning point in the history of British sports cars, emerging as a symbol of style and elegance. With its appearance in the cinematic world of James Bond, it instantly gained international fame, captivating car enthusiasts with its refined appearance and undeniable charisma. It was designed to combine driving pleasure and aesthetics, representing the pinnacle of British design with its fluid silhouette and sophisticated interior.

Features and Performance of the Sunbeam Alpine :

Equipped with a robust and agile engine, the Sunbeam Alpine promised an exhilarating and enjoyable driving experience, whether on winding country roads or in the hustle of the city. Its advanced mechanics, including precise brakes and a responsive suspension, offered high-level maneuverability and safety. With its perfect balance between power and elegance, the Sunbeam Alpine established itself as the preferred choice for drivers in search of adventure and distinction.

Impact on European Automotive and Cinematic Culture :

The Sunbeam Alpine became an icon of both automotive and cinematic culture, thanks to its role in the first James Bond film. It symbolizes adventure and luxury, with a design that transcends eras. Its association with James Bond conferred a legendary status, making it an emblematic figure in both cinema and the automotive world. Representing the excellence of British engineering and design, the Sunbeam Alpine remains a treasure in the hearts of classic car enthusiasts and James Bond fans alike, embodying a rich legacy of history, performance, and glamour.


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