50 horses

Number of Seats

4 places


Manual Gearbox


The Karmann Ghia is an emblem of European automotive, combining the refinement of Italian design with the precision of German engineering. Launched in 1955, this elegant coupe captivated car enthusiasts worldwide with its timeless beauty and pleasant driving experience, peaking with the 1972 model.

The Beginnings of the Karmann Ghia :

The Karmann Ghia was designed as a vehicle blending aesthetics and moderate performance, offering an attractive alternative to the sports cars of the time. From its unveiling, it charmed with its fluid and aerodynamic design, the result of a collaboration between Italian Ghia and German Karmann. The 1972 model continued this tradition with subtle improvements, maintaining its iconic silhouette while integrating technical advancements.

Features and Performance of the Karmann Ghia :

Equipped with a flat 4-cylinder engine, the 1972 Karmann Ghia offered a balanced driving experience, focusing on comfort and style over outright speed. Despite its modest performance, it shone for its maneuverability and reliability, typical of German automotive production. Its elegant design and quality construction allowed it to stand out as a vehicle of choice for those who valued beauty and durability.

Impact on European Automotive Culture :

The 1972 Karmann Ghia solidified its position as a design icon and a coveted classic among European vehicles. Its presence on the roads and in classic car shows continued to inspire admiration for its appearance and design. Celebrated in popular culture, it represents a symbol of elegance and refined taste, reflecting the perfect union between form and function. The Karmann Ghia remains a treasure of automotive history, precious to enthusiasts and collectors around the world.


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