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The Jaguar Kougar is a classic sports car that represents a unique part of automotive history, primarily for its distinctive design and artisanal approach to production. Although not a direct product of Jaguar Cars Ltd., it uses Jaguar components, giving it a special place among classic car enthusiasts.

The Origin of the Jaguar Kougar :

The Kougar was first designed and built in the 1970s by Rick Stevens, a British engineer and entrepreneur. It was not an official model produced by Jaguar, but rather a sports vehicle created using Jaguar mechanical components, mainly from the XK and E-Type models. Stevens aimed to create a car that combined the reliability and performance of Jaguar engines with a lightweight, sporty body, inspired by the racing cars of the 50s and 60s.

Construction and Design :

Most Kougars use a custom-designed tubular steel chassis paired with a fiberglass body, contributing to their relatively light weight and excellent performance. Under the hood, these cars were often equipped with Jaguar 6-cylinder or V12 engines, depending on the owner’s preference and the availability of parts. The exterior design of the Kougar blends classic and sporty elements, with a low, elongated line, well-defined wheels, and often a minimalist windshield.

Production of the Kougar :

It is difficult to account for how many Kougars were produced, but the closest estimate is a little over 200 units built. Although the production of the Kougar never reached the volumes of major automotive brands, its build quality, performance, and unique style have won the hearts of many classic car enthusiasts. Kougars were mainly sold as kits that buyers could assemble themselves or have custom assembled. This approach to small-scale, customizable production contributed to the unique charm of the brand.

The Kougar is more than just a car; it is a celebration of classic British engineering, a tribute to Jaguar’s performance, and an icon of the DIY era in the automotive world. While the specific history of production and sales remains unclear without access to detailed archives, the legacy of the Kougar endures thanks to the passion of collectors and classic car enthusiasts.


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