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Gael De Benaze

Gaël de Benaze


Associate director

“We were born with cars, and many of us are passionate about them. I’m one of them. Listening to the sound of an engine, turning your head as an unusual car passes by, or simply for the latest model, is a reflex. The pleasure of watching classic cars go by is just immense, and the ultimate is to drive them. It arouses pleasure, curiosity… a moment of bliss.
So, when you’re offered the chance to take part in the creation of a new adventure revolving around events with vintage convertibles from the 60s and 70s, you’ve got no choice but to go for it.
We all have memories of car-related events. For me, it’s Aunt Yvonne’s Renault 4CV, Uncle Pierre’s DS cabriolet, the Paris-Ouarzazate road trip with 7 friends and a few weeks’ driving experience in a 504
Break, a summer trip from Paris to Athens in a Beetle, my first car, a 2CV, the many jaunts in a C3 Corvette on the highways of Detroit in the USA, the Z4 cabriolet on the roads of Touraine, and the
pleasure of driving German cars during my years spent in Germany and later in German groups.
And there’s always the pleasure of exchanging ideas about classic cars during passionate and fascinating
encounters with collectors who, as luck would have it, open their garages to you.”



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