34 horses

Number of Seats

4 places


Manual Gearbox


The 1972 Beetle is much more than just a car; it’s a cultural icon that embodies the spirit of a bygone era. Produced in the heart of the hippie era, the 1972 Beetle represents the pinnacle of Volkswagen’s automotive design philosophy: to provide a reliable, economical, and above all, accessible vehicle to everyone. That year, the Beetle boasted significant improvements that enhanced its appeal without straying from the beloved aesthetic that made it famous.

Features of the Beetle :

Equipped with a flat 4-cylinder engine, the 1972 Beetle offers a driving experience that is both smooth and pleasant, typical of Volkswagen vehicles. Its interior, although simple, is carefully designed to maximize comfort and efficiency, reflecting the philosophy of simplicity and functionality. It’s a car that, despite its compact size, manages to create a welcoming space for its passengers, while offering a reliable and unpretentious drive.

Impact and Legacy :

The 1972 Beetle is not only appreciated for its practicality; it’s also a symbol of freedom and adventure, often associated with road trips, discovery, and individual expression. Its iconic design and endearing personality have secured its place in the hearts of car enthusiasts around the world, making it one of the most recognized and beloved cars in history.

Today, the 1972 Beetle is sought after by collectors and those nostalgic for a piece of automotive history. It continues to symbolize a simpler time, where the joy of driving was linked to the experience of the road itself, not speed or performance. The 1972 Beetle remains a lasting testament to timeless engineering and the undeniable charm that characterizes Volkswagen.


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